Research Project


Published on ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing

Spellcasters is a VR multiplayer serious game for health supervised by Prof. Michael John and Prof. Elin Carstensdottir at UC Santa Cruz. This game specifically aims to support physical therapists and their stroke patients with an affordable and entertaining tool, where stroke patients use gestures with a magic wand to regain basic arm movements and provide therapists gameplay data and recording to evaluate patients’ recovery process. Download: Link

Contribution: Art, Programming, Production Management, Research Report, Analyze playtest


Spectrogame is a vocal control software created by Postdoctoral Fellow Katelyn Grasse at ALT game lab for language learning that uses spectrogram to present human speech frequency. Users will see their speech visualized and identity their frequency line to improve their pronunciation.

Contribution: UI design, Production Management, Design prototypes

Cookie Mania

Published on  International Conference on Serious Games

Cookie Mania is aim to increase understanding of internet cookies and address these issues. Players can explore related ethical issues through an interactive narrative, as well as foster additional engagement through cookie-focused minigames. Download: link

Contribution: 2D Artist, UI

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